I am a(n):
  • environmentalist
  • world traveler
  • devourer of cheese
  • social introvert
  • hiker
  • English and Spanish major
  • skiier (of backcountry and resort varieties)
  • music lover
  • master in public administration
  • reader of literature
  • nonprofit consultant (in evaluation and strategic planning)
  • FJV
  • social justice warrior
  • member of a large, loud and loving family
  • DIYer
  • feminist
  • craft beer enthusiast
  • dancer
  • aspiring yogi
  • New Englander
  • lover of lists
  • small town-er
  • kitchen experimenter
  • seeker of new experiences

I live in the Ciudad de México and I write this blog about any and all of these identities to keep in touch with distant family and friends and for anyone who may find it interesting.

Jaime Nicoline
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