A Weekend in Tequisquiapan

Around 3 hours away from Mexico City in the state of Querétaro, Tequisquiapan is a great spot to get away for the weekend. It’s a cute town with a beautiful central plaza for strolling or shopping and dining at the shops and restaurants lining the plaza. One of the main focal points in the plaza is the salmon-colored church which is pretty on the outside though not as impressive on the inside. There are smaller streets radiating out from the central plaza filled with more restaurants and stands with ice cream or souvenirs.

Tequisquiapan is known for its cheese and wine and there’s a wine and cheese festival that lasts for almost a month in May and June. You have to buy a ticket to get in and try all the different wines and cheeses on display but even if you come at another time of year, there are plenty of wine and cheese shops all around that will let you sample their wares to pick out what you want to buy.


If you get bored of drinking wine and eating cheese (which is pretty hard to do in my opinion), Tequis is close to the popular tourist attraction of Peña de Bernal. The jagged rocky peak is right within the town of Bernal which is also a great place for strolling and eating. You can even hike up the Peña, though I cannot personally speak to how technical the climb is. Bernal can get really crowded during weekends or holidays so going there for the day and then returning to the more peaceful Tequisquiapan is a good plan.

We made the trip to Tequis this weekend for Germán’s uncle’s 80th birthday party. His aunt also has a house there so the entire extended family crashed between the two houses and we celebrated all weekend long. Mexican families love to celebrate and this time family members even came from different countries for the party. We came home with two personalized bottles of mezcal as party favors and feeling great (though tired) from spending time with family. What did you do this weekend?



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